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Today, many busy executives have their own private executive coach available to them at a moment's notice to advise them during a public relations crisis and the immediate media demands, prior to an upcoming product roll-out or before a sensitive stockholders meeting. In today's fast-paced marketplace, taking a pro-active posture with a "Presentation and Media Brush-up" for you or your top team is always the wisest course.

As a seasoned journalist and marketing specialist who has coached top CEO's and major public figures for more than two decades, Gail Scott has the answers on how to protect your company's and your industry's reputation while making sure your own professional public image is protected.

Ms. Scott, a Washington, D.C. native and former TV anchorwoman, understands power: how to get it, how to keep it. She is equally successful with current CEO's who may need to re-package themselves and anyone near the top who is ready to make the big move.


"Some people are naturally good speakers but if you are not, you can learn presentation skills that will do nothing less than change your life."

--Gail Scott

Gail Scott helps each client discover their own unique presentation style and how to tailor their presentations for different audiences. From the beginning, Ms. Scott does her homework: learning about your business, specific problems and important goals. Each client receives custom treatment. No two coaching sessions are alike. But the end result is always positive change, making the "crucial" difference. Gail Scott's clients never forget "the magic for their message." Confidential on-site coaching with on-camera analysis available. Only your improved performance counts.


"One of the most powerful tools anyone can have—in fact, probably the most powerful—is the ability to say exactly what you want, for that specific audience, at that particular time."

-- Gail Scott

Washington, D.C.'s first solo TV anchorwoman, protects you and your clients from being bad or boring on and off the air. Learn the different styles of print and broadcast journalists and how to play to the biggest audience. Ms. Scott shares "the tricks of the trade" which reporters usually keep to themselves. Polish your verbal image while making sure you have "the look" that gets you invited back over and over again. Confidential, on-site coaching with on-camera analysis is available. Become an expert in "writing your own story."



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