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Gail Scott: Speaker & Lecturer

Gail Scott is the speaker your audience will never forget. This former TV anchorwoman, author, magazine publisher and newspaper columnist is known for her entertaining and informative talks that always turn into memorable events. Ms. Scott is often asked to speak about the art of communication, Washington-her home town and her book, Diplomatic Dance: The New Embassy Life in America. A list of speaking topics is provided below. She will be delighted to discuss your needs and her speaking fees with you.

Coming soon... Listen to an excerpt of Ms. Scott.

Examples of Speaking Topics:

On Speaking

  • How to Make Unforgettable Speeches
  • How to Increase Your Power through Speaking
  • Ten Ways to Always "Wow" An Audience
  • Channel Your Nervousness to Make Powerful Speeches
  • Impromptu Speeches: How to Always Say the Right Thing
  • Seizing the Moment: How to Be the Best Moderator, Panelist
  • Interview Techniques the Pro's Use
  • Turning Interviews into Opportunities
  • Making Friends With A Microphone
  • "Sound As Good As You Are"
  • "Sound As Good As You Look"

On Speaking with the Media

  • Protecting Your Company/Yourself in the Media
  • How to Handle the Media Instead of the Media Handling You
  • How to Talk Your Way through Washington
  • How to Survive the Book Interview Marathon
  • How to Promote Yourself/Your Company without Getting Burned
  • How to Keep the Media as Your Friend
  • Knowing When NOT to Talk!
  • Learning the Rules of the Media Game
  • Inside the Beltway Media Tricks
  • How to Change Your Professional Image through the Media
  • How to Avoid Being Misquoted and Misused as a Source

On Washington

  • Washington’s Top Ten Rules: Diplomatic & Bureaucratic
  • Take Washington Home: The Capital City’s Shopping Secrets
  • Touring Washington for Bikers, Runners
  • How to Catch Potomac Fever
  • Washington for Children: Making It Easier for Mom & Dad
  • Eating Your Way around Washington
  • Eating Your Way around the World in Washington
  • My Washington: Secret Haunts & Unforgettable Moments

On Diplomacy

  • The New Embassy Life in America (with color slides)
  • What Really Happens inside the Foreign Embassies in America?
  • One Word Diplomacy: Trade
  • No Horse, No John Wayne: Stories from Embassy Row
  • Why Is CNN The Enemy of Today’s Ambassadors?
  • Upstairs, Downstairs at the British Embassy
  • Cyber Diplomacy: The Dramatic Changes in Diplomacy Today
  • Waltzing Past Embassy Gates & Into the Diplomatic Dance
  • Dancing with Diplomats: How to Access Washington’s Embassies
  • Women & Diplomacy: How They Have Changed the Diplomatic Dance
  • The Foreign Ambassadors Who Used To Be Americans
  • The Crowded Diplomatic Dance Floor: Competition & Recognition
  • What’s Hot & What’s Not For This Diplomatic Season
  • Entertaining on Embassy Row: Ideas to Take Home
  • Why Washington is Still The #1 Diplomatic Post in the World
  • So You Want To Be A Diplomat…
  • How I Learned To Be More Diplomatic in Everything I Do

Selected List of Past Speaking Engagements

Outside Washington, DC:

  • American Bar Association, Los Angeles
  • The University of Texas, Austin
  • Public Relations Society of America, Palm Beach
  • American Women in Radio & Television, Phoenix
  • American Urology Association, Miami
  • Federally Employed Women, Honolulu

In Washington DC:

  • The U.S. Department of Defense
  • The U.S. Department of Commerce
  • The U.S. Air Force
  • The Department of Housing & Urban Development
  • George Mason University Law School
  • Colgate University Washington Alumni Club
  • National Museum of Women in the Arts
  • American University Women, National Headquarters
  • American Women in Radio & Television, International Conference
  • American News Women's Club
  • Women in Cable
  • Washington Women in Public Relations
  • Executive Women in Government
  • Federally Employed Women
  • The Washington Ballet
  • Arts for the Aging
  • Association of Meeting Professionals



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